Lisa Wilson is Trustee and Vice Chair with portfolio for Safeguarding and joined the board in 2007.

Lisa has seen First Steps grow enormously throughout this time and been in all four buildings the charity has occupied. She is currently the Lead Health and Wellbeing Nurse for the University of Derby and also has many years experience as a school health nurse working with children and young people.

Her clinical background has seen her working with many patients/clients with differing needs both physically and psychologically. She is a qualified assessor in the education and clinical setting. She has a responsibility for safeguarding within the charity and is also the clinical supervisor for students.

She is the co facilitator/trainer on the CPD training and enjoys this immensely.

Lisa also has some past experience of eating disorders as the carer for a family member. She realises the importance of involving parents and carers in the recovery and support process as she feels this can be key to a positive outcome.

Her vision is to see the training package benefit more professionals as she feels there is a lack of knowledge and understanding with professionals, about a subject that is becoming an increasing concern amongst more young people due to social influences and peer pressure.