Key Accountabilities:

  • Lead and manage the EDISS Project
  • Leading and developing strong partnerships across the local community to achieve improved outcomes and better eating disorders services for local people
  • To provide information and support to people of all ages affected by severe eating disorders referred to us by the specialist NHS eating disorder team
  • To deliver a specialist support programme in partnership with NHS Nottingham ED team
  • Facilitating support groups
  • Supporting young Students, Alumni and Staff on a one to one basis at Nottingham Universities
  • To raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • To work in partnership with other key professionals to ensure a good quality outcome for the people affected by Eating Disorders
  • Supervise the volunteers involved with the EDISS project
  • Facilitating the Skills for Carers group and provide support for carers
  • Facilitating Professionals training at First Steps CPD Workshops

Timo first attended First Steps as a service user around 2007. Timo has been involved with the charity in various roles after the charity supported him in his recovery. Along the way Timo has been involved with the Young Persons Group, Online Befriending as well as the All Ages Group.

Timo has undergraduate degrees in both Biochemistry and Biology, as well as a Master’s in Education through which he has gained experience in working with young people and the pressures they face. Having worked in schools has given him the experience of working with young people and supporting them in various stages of their life.

Timo has always been passionate about helping people and supporting people with Eating disorders after his own experience.