Eating Disorders Multidisciplinary Team

First Steps has been working with Derbyshire Eating Disorders Services (CEDS) since 2011 through the NHS Care Coordinator to keep people at risk of hospitalisation focused on their recovery. Read more


First Steps offers online befriending for anyone who might benefit from one to one support over email. Befriending provides support by creating a means of communication to discuss the sufferer’s difficulties in times of need. It allows service users to talk things through with someone who understands, someone who has often been affected themselves by an eating disorder. It gives a space to work on recovery, offload and express how someone might be thinking or feeling. Read more

Counselling and Peer Support

At First Steps we employ experienced and qualified Counsellors each working against NHS and NICE standards alongside a cadre of trainee Counsellors on placements from our universities and colleges who work to offer individual sessions either as part of our core funded services or available for private paid support. Read more