Our founder and Chief Executive Cathy is joining a panel from the eating disorders provider community at a Public Policy Exchange event on 29th November in London to contribute to the conference by providing a perspective of the opportunities and challenges that exist for specialist community providers working to support eating disorders and mental health.

This timely symposium offers a forum for both practitioners and policy makers to consider key issues within the treatment of those experiencing eating disorders. Central and local government, medical practitioners, educators and other important stakeholders will be contributing key issues within the work of eating disorders in England and the UK.

There are 1.25 million individuals suffering from eating disorders in the UK, 89% of whom are female (BEAT 2018) and is estimated to cost the UK economy £15 billion annually in terms of health costs and lost working hours (PwC 2016). 50% of eating disorder sufferers experience anorexia or bulimia, however a large number also experience conditions causing over-eating and the emotional consumption of food (NHS England 2018).

There is significant over demand for NHS services, and those suffering from eating disorders can wait up to 182 days before receiving treatment. 30% of those seen by GPs are not referred fro mental health support and over half of these patients rate the support they receive as 'poor' or 'very 'poor' (NHS England 2016).

Event Brochure