At First Steps we have a number of qualified counsellors and trainee counsellors offering individual sessions for anyone affected by eating disorders. Daytime and evening appointments are available for a series of 12 sessions (to be reviewed after 6). It is kindly asked that a £5 donation is given for these service which are funded by our sponsors and funders which will ensure that First Steps can continue to provide these services to other people suffering from eating disorders. 

Private Counselling

From Monday 1st of October, First Steps will be making a private counselling option available for those who are interested in funding their own care.  As a charitable organisation our rates per session are significantly below what many private counselling services charge and the fee covers the professional counsellor and costs for providing the service by First Steps with 100% of First Steps income reinvested into our core services which means that we can fund and support many more people waiting to access our services.

If you would like to find out further information or to sign up for the service, please contact First Steps on 01332 367571 or [email protected]. Or alternatively, you can self-refer or refer another here

Body Image Workshops

Our Body Image Awareness Sessions are based upon the Cognitive Behavioural Model; applying cognitive behavioural methods to look at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Body image is how we behave towards our bodies and is NOT about how you look.  Body image can be positive or negative.

This programme consists of 5 sessions.

Who is this service available to?

  • First Steps are offering BAS ages 13+
  • There is a requirement to commit to attending ALL sessions
  • There will be NO COST

Body Image Workshops will be held at First Steps main building on Ingham House, 16 Agard Street, Derby, DE1 1DZ on the following Tuesdays:

20th November 2018
27th November 2018
4th December 2018
11th December 2018
18th December 2018

The aims of these sessions are:

  • To provide a place to discuss issues regarding changing body shape.
  • To provide psycho-education focusing on issues related to body image.

Compulsive Exercise Support

Do you feel that exercise is controlling your life?

Do you feel that you are exercising too often and for too long?

If so, First Steps now offer the Loughborough Eating-Disorder Activity Therapy [LEAP] Programme which is designed to support to those struggling with compulsive exercise in conjunction with their eating disorder.

LEAP has the primary aim(s) of:

  • Educating the service user about the cognitive view of the maintenance of compulsive exercise.
  • Promoting an insight into the factors maintaining a service user’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards exercise.
  • Educating the service user about what constitutes ‘healthy’ exercise
  • Introducing the service user to the cognitive skills and strategies necessary to challenge maladaptive attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards exercise
  • Educating the service user about relapse prevention

LEAP is not aimed at making service users stop exercising, but rather educates them about what constitutes 'healthy/non compulsive' exercise".

LEAP is:

  • Based on a Cognitive-Behavioural approach to challenging compulsive exercise
  • A closed group environment
  • Research-based
  • 8 sessions in duration

If you are interested in accessing this support, please contact Marc (LEAP Facilitator) via e-mail: [email protected] or phone: 01332 367571.

Pets As Therapy

Hello First Steplings,

My name is Tinka, I am a Jack Russell aged 8 years young!

I first came to First Steps when my companion died, as I was very upset and was off my food for a long time. My owner (Cathy) decided that I needed to do some voluntary work to get me out of the house!

Volunteering at First Steps has given me a new lease of life and I adore being a P.A.T Dog as I can't get enough fuss and attention and everyone is so lovely to me!

I attend the Support Group For All Ages and you may occasionally see me at the Young Persons Support Group. I am in the office most days and I also attend board meetings and other meetings at our offices with professionals and volunteers. I love being with people and going for walks.

Please feel free to pop in and see me!

My official P.A.T Dog registration number is 1072973


Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone has experienced. It's not magical or mysterious. Anything that fully absorbs your attention so that you ignore distractions is an experience of hypnosis.

Here at First Steps, we are pleased to offer this type of therapy on a fortnightly basis. 

To book a place, receive support or for more information regarding any of this support, please contact First Steps on 01332 367571 or [email protected]