Frankie is studying Psychotherapy and counselling at Derby University and due to spending 1/2 of her time at home and the other half in Derby, She felt that volunteering for First Steps as a Befriender was extremely flexible.
“I am able to be anywhere and still carry on with my volunteering.’’ 
“I used to go to a performing arts school, where many of my peers had eating disorders. This is when I first became interested in the impact it was having on my friends so I developed an interest in researching how I could help others. I then became more and more interested in being able to help others who had eating disorders.”
”My experiences helped me to decide this was the area of health where I wanted to pursue my professional career in the field.”
“I look forward to my regular weekly contact with my befriendees, as with each person I’m supporting, we have developed a strong relationship and it is extremely rewarding knowing another person trusts you to tell you all that they do.”
”Befriending is a powerful way to support someone in need of support, and rewarding being part of their recovery.”