First Steps is funded by Children in Need and Futures in Mind to offer one to one peer support for anyone aged 19 and below. These 45 minute sessions offer the opportunity for a child or young person to talk to one of our Young Person’s Support Workers, typically over 8 weeks. These sessions can be face to face, via Skype or over FaceTime.

Peer support focuses on exploring any difficulties with food or body image, giving a young person the space to talk to someone in a confidential and safe space. One of the aims of this support is to help the young person transition into the Recovery and Self-Help groups, where further areas can be explored.

There is currently an eight-week waiting list for one to one peer support. 

Please be aware that we do not work with children under the age of 5 or anyone who may be experiencing feeding problems, such as specific food phobias, or fussy eating. If you think you or your child may be struggling with something like this then it is recommended that you visit your GP. More information can be found online at, Great Ormond Street Hospital website, or on the NHS website.

To register your interest in peer support, please contact First Steps on 01332 367571 or [email protected]. Or alternatively, you can make a referral here